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Chancellor Rebecca Blank
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MSABD Director Steven Ricke
Governor Tony Evers
DATCP Secretary-designee Randy Romanski
Senator Howard Marklein

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$57.1 ᴍ
years of UW meat research

Special Thanks

Building Donors

A big thanks to all the donor households and companies who helped make this building possible.

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Special Thanks

Project Team

A sincere thanks to everyone on the building project team who made this innovative building a reality.

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Comments from our Donor Community

“I’m interested in the availability of the student-run retail store and how it supports students.” – Ambrose Landmark, Retired

“We at the Food Research Institute are excited about partnering with MSABD as we explore practical strategies to keep meat products safe. The new processing and microbiology capabilities in the building will facilitate filling knowledge gaps under real world conditions. This, in turn, will allow us to improve public health. We look forward to the years of collaboration.” – Kathleen Glass, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“I am excited to see the facility begin to operate and fulfill the promise of leading Animal Agriculture into the future.” – Alan Gunderson, Vita Plus Corporation

“I’m excited for my wife returning to her Badger roots as the BSL2 manager.” – Jason Austin, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“The MSABD building provides world class facilities that will be a foundation for the school and really brings it into the modern era.” – Greg Hundt, Honeybaked Ham

“As a member of WAMP, I am excited that the new facilities will allow so much new research to be conducted and shared with our membership — testing and research the small processor can’t afford to perform.” – Scott Vorpagel, Lake Geneva Country Meats

“A great day for the Wisconsin Idea as two of the best things in the state, the UW and the Meat Industry, come together in this wonderful new facility from where new industry leaders, innovators, and technologies will emerge.” – Phil Hinderaker, Retired

“Dr. Dennis Buege and Dr. Jeff Sindelar worked to make this happen. Today it is real.” – Bruce Armstrong, LifeSpice

“I am ecstatic about realizing the untapped potential of the scientific aptitude of the UW-Madison campus! This will shortly become a world-class facility that will drive campus-wide collaboration and discovery!” – Jonathan Pleitner, Johnsonville, LLC

“All the time that went into laying the groundwork has borne fruit! Best wishes to the new director.” – Gail Schaefer, Retired

“Looking forward to the innovation we can expect to occur from this state of the art facility that ties so many facets of CALS together in collaboration. With that collaborative approach we can only expect great things for the Wisconsin meat industry, and those hard working farm families that pour into it.” – Brian Huenink, John Deere

“The new building is a showpiece for the Meat Sciences Department. Congratulations!” – Jan Murray, Ecolab

“My brother-in-law, Dr. Daniel Schaefer, who exercised much effort to have it built. We are proud of Dan and would like see his important effort. The building offers much advancement in meat sciences.” – Ernest Wiesen, Retired

“I’m excited by the commitment of excellence for education and research in this area.” – Joe Weber, Smithfield Foods

“As a student that worked in the old Meat Lab from 1966 to 1969, I am so excited to know that a new lab will be there to support students in the future.” – Jim Rutledge, Retired

“I’m most excited by the ability of the faculty to enhance and positively impact the Meat Industry in the state of Wisconsin.” – Matthew Terns, Johnsonville, LLC

“With this incredible building I have dedicated the Director’s Office to my late father Arthur Kautza. He and his FFA meat judging teams often won contests.” – Linda Procci, Retired – Cedars Sinai Medical Center LA

“The new MSABD building will provide a fantastic learning center and resource(s) for meat companies throughout the state, the nation, and most likely around the world with its state-of-the-art technology and capabilities.” – Perry Kaiser, Johnsonville, LLC

“Dr. Dan Schaefer devoted much effort to this long-term project. I am very proud of my much younger brother’s accomplishments.” – Audray (Schaefer) Wiesen, Retired

“I earned my MS and PhD degrees working in what was, in the mid-1970s, the relatively new state-of-the-art Muscle Biology Laboratory addition. I’m excited to see how the new building will address the evolving needs of scientists and the meat/animal industry for research, teaching, and extension.” – Gale Strasburg, Michigan State University

“We look forward to the future discoveries by researchers and students that will benefit all sectors of agriculture, from farm to fork and beyond!” – Tammy Vaassen, Wisconsin Beef Council

“Congratulations on the completion of this state-of-the-art teaching and research facility!” – Marion Greaser, University of Wisconsin-Madison Emeritus

“I am excited to see the public facing parts of the facility, including the student run meat market, as well as the new state-of-the-art teaching facilities.” – Susan Quam, Wisc. Restaurant Association

“I am excited to see the dream of building THE world class Meat Science facility at the UW…exciting to see the dream become a reality.” – Greg Marconnet, Mead & Hunt

“The CALS Meat Science program is a wonderful legacy of service and partnerships with Wisconsin’s meat industry and beyond! This new facility allows us to build on this great past and continue to engage in quality research, provide excellent meat science students for industry to hire and serve the community at large with terrific meat products. Proud to be both an alum, donor and part of the meat science team during my UW days. Congrats to the leadership, faculty and my fundraising colleagues for making this building a reality! Special thanks to Dr. Dan Schaefer and Dean Emeritus Neal Jorgensen for their leadership through the years.” – Marcy Heim, The Artful Asker

“Since working on the kill floor in the Meat Lab in the 1970’s with Bernie Haasl, Terry Timm, Jim Lochner, Dennis Buege and Bob Kauffman, it will be a delight to see the updated facilities for student learning and empowerment for future of meat!” – Kathleen Pearce, Executive Gardening Institute, LLC

“The twenty-first century Muscle Biology Lab (MBL) has now entered the twenty-first century as the MSABD. May the research conducted here and the individuals who are trained here help to move science and Wisconsin always forward.” – Kay Maas, MC Services

“I’m excited by the fantastic opportunities for the UW Meat Science program. “Build it and they will come!” (Field of Dreams) – Joe Sebranek, Iowa State University

“Compeer Financial is proud to support the innovation, technology advancements and students experiences that will occur at the MSABD. This center will help shape the future of meat science and impact our clients for generations to come.” – Karen Schieler, Compeer Financial

“I’m excited for the MSABD program to regain its national stage presence as a center of excellence.” – Kevin Ladwig, Johnsonville, LLC

“I am excited to see the building that my family helped fund.” – Samuel Will, Boston Scientific

“Congratulations on the new meat science building! This is a big step forward for Wisconsin Agriculture and related businesses. I am confident that this state-of-the-art facility will attract even more high quality individuals to pursue their careers in our industry, which as employers we all need. Of course the prospect of doing research here has us excited. Well done, Bucky!” – Warner Ide, MPSC, Inc.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements over the “old” Meat & Muscle Biology Lab.” – Ronald Dalrymple, Rondal Consulting

“It is very gratifying to see this outstanding facility become reality nearly 20 years after it being first envisioned. I am confident the MSABD building and the scientists who lead programs based there will build on and further the outstanding contributions of previous generations.” – Elton Aberle, Emeritus Dean, CALS, University of Wisconsin–Madison

“I’m excited to work with the University of Wisconsin to continue to share new innovations with students and industry professionals through the University’s outreach programs.” – John Weiss, Marel

“I’m excited to see the transformation from the old lab I attended classes and worked in, to today’s new era facility!” – Mary Exner, BrucePac

“We’re excited to see how this investment will invigorate Wisconsin agriculture through people development and research discoveries. Attracting top notch talents and demonstrating new technologies will be beneficial.” – Christopher and Susan Salm

“This has been a building in discussion when I was an undergrad 40 years ago. Been a long time coming and now we have a state-of-the-art facility.” – David and Michelle Golz, BASF Corporation

“The completion of the MSABD will accommodate greatly strengthening the Meat Science and Muscle Biology program at UW-Madison, a legendary program of national and international renown.” – Don Beermann, Retired – Iowa State University

Curbside Pickup Now Available

We recently opened our brand-new store offering some classic products. Check back often for new products made possible by expanded capabilities in our new building. This includes Savory Celebration Summer Sausage, a classic Wisconsin summer sausage featuring red cherries and white cheddar cheese, offered for a limited time to celebrate the MSABD opening.

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